Time to Decide


Nobody would say, ‘I’m voting for this guy because he’s got the stronger chin,’ but that, in fact, is partly what happens. – Daniel Kahneman

Please, no matter who you decide to vote for, make sure that decision is based off fact checking, educating yourself and being critical of all parties. Just because the soundbites hit the mark and so forth make sure you know who and what you’re voting for. 



Found sleeping difficult last night, not sure why either. ChloĆ« was soundly asleep as was Cat but for whatever reason I woke up at least twice. I didn’t even go to bed late though perhaps later than I should have. I wonder whether I was thinking what lay ahead of me today and exactly how I was going to tackle it. I have an odd relationship with sleep and recently we’ve been on good terms; I hope we haven’t had another bust up.