That Was Rather Warm!


Went for my first cycle ride for over 3 months, had no idea how far I was going so didn’t think to pack food or another bottle… bad idea! I ended up cycling 34 miles in 37° heat, oops! Still it was awesome to get back out on two wheels and for the sake of going for a ride rather than anything else. I deliberately stopped cycling in August because I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to and yesterday it just felt right and I’m glad I did even with the heat. It was also the first ride using Strava and I quite like it, I was urged to join by some people at work so figured I’d give it a go. Quite like that many parts of my ride are split in to segments with leaderboards etc, a good way of making you want to go back out to increase your ranking or at least it does in my case.



Well there goes another weekend. In someways it’s felt like I’ve not had a weekend at all. Saturday was spent mostly looking for a new car (we found one) and while today was a more chilled affair I kinda feel like I’m due one more day. Ah well to another week of work we go…