Into 2017


So I’m sitting here, on holiday, in the Blue Mountains. It’s been a pretty decent break albeit with the usual toddler tantrums and so on. Pretty sure both kids have enjoyed the natural freedom a location such as Wentworth Falls has offered but we’re all ready for home. 

My point still stands from my blog though. I look to 2017 with hope as isn’t that what all a rebellion needs?



Kick_Off_Amstrad_coverDoing more funky stuff on my website now, seems I’ve had the desire to do stuff recently. Anyhow I’ve been using Tumblr for a wee while now and it’s a fantastic service, really it is, but thing is I like hosting things myself. I also much prefer using WordPress too. As well as finding Hueman I also came across Anew made by the same talented designer and I had an idea; why not just start tumbling on my own.

Often the reason my blog goes quite for long periods is I have stuff that doesn’t warrant a blog post but at the same time I don’t post on Tumblr as I feel there’s a disconnect there. Hopefully by having both in the same place I’ll start to share more of what’s on my mind and please share what’s on yours too!