Looking Ahead


It’s been a full on year so far, 2019. Our eldest started school, our youngest is approaching pre-school and work ramped up to epic proportions. It’s been a challenge. Still, there’s a holiday coming up and a wedding of one my longest and most cherished friends. I’m at one of those points where I’m holding on, waiting for that moment where I can walk out of work knowing that what lies ahead is far removed from what’s currently going on.

Whilst I know it’ll still be here when I return, the brief respite is looking rather appealing. Mostly because I get to catch up with family and friends but also for the change in scenery. I’ll also get to visit a new countries in Greece and Holland so there’s that too. Only a couple more weeks and that’s not long at all.

Travel Time


Well we made it! After leaving Melbourne a little late on Saturday afternoon thanks to an ash cloud we arrived at Heathrow airport just before 6am yesterday. Chloë travelled fantastically well with only one really point where she was difficult to put down. Given my/our reservations we were thrilled and she’s even managed to flip her body clock rather well too. I’ll post something far more meaningful on my blog but here’s a few pictures from our trip.


I’m Not Locked In Here With You…


Whilst I’m really looking forward to travelling back to England tomorrow one thing that doesn’t escape me is the fact that it’s our first ever time on a plane with Chloë. Furthermore this isn’t a small trip we’re going on either and having flown a few times I know that the one thing that makes a flight tougher is a screaming/unsettled baby. My hope is, aside from takeoff & landing, Chloë takes to air travel well but this scene from Watchmen did pop in to my head when I thought about it last night.