On The Road (in the air) Again!


So here I sit in Melbourne’s T2 for International departures with two long flights ahead of me and something’s missing; my family. Whilst I’m really looking forward to the holiday and the wedding I shall be attending in Edinburgh part of me won’t be there. On the hop from Canberra to Melbourne there were two empty seats next to me, I messaged Cat that I guess the flight was telling me something.

Still, once I’m back Down Under, there’ll be a few days on the Sunshine Coast with them… and that’ll be awesome šŸ™‚

Little AdventuresĀ 


Went to the National Zoo and Aquarium with the family today. Was nice to have a family outing to somewhere new. ChloĆ« was in amazement pretty much all the way around. We tried to do the sounds of most of the animals we saw, ChloĆ« especially liked roaring in front of the tigers. 

Will definitely take her again and probably go around the aquarium this time. What was rather cute was that she was asleep in no time in the car. Even though we’ve still got an afternoon left the day has been pretty awesome. 

Travel Time


Well we made it! After leaving Melbourne a little late on Saturday afternoon thanks to an ash cloud we arrived at Heathrow airport just before 6am yesterday. ChloĆ« travelled fantastically well with only one really point where she was difficult to put down. Given my/our reservations we were thrilled and she’s even managed to flip her body clock rather well too. I’ll post something far more meaningful on my blog but here’s a few pictures from our trip.


Lunchtime Musings


Nothing like a good coffee and sometime to yourself to just mull things over. Got a lot to do and so little time to do it in. Still it’s a given that 2014 is going to be one interesting year with an addition to our family. I wonder if she knows what she has let herself in for?!