Well That Was A Year


2017 has been an interesting year full of change not only in my life but in the world in general. Some of it hasn’t been great and some of it has been downright awful. Thankfully there’s also been rays of sunshine that’s brightened up even the most darkest of hours.

Next year promises to be another year and with ChloĆ« about to start pre-school, another year of change. I’m going to try and be more positive, more active and more social than I’ve been of late. I’ve noticed that, over the past year, I started to act a bit like a hermit and I’ve missed catching up with people amongst other things. Whilst it’s too late to do much about this in 2017 I’ve got an entire year to change this ahead of me.

Anyway, happy New Year to one and all and hope that you enjoy in whatever you decide to welcome in 2018.

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