Looking Ahead


It’s been a full on year so far, 2019. Our eldest started school, our youngest is approaching pre-school and work ramped up to epic proportions. It’s been a challenge. Still, there’s a holiday coming up and a wedding of one my longest and most cherished friends. I’m at one of those points where I’m holding on, waiting for that moment where I can walk out of work knowing that what lies ahead is far removed from what’s currently going on.

Whilst I know it’ll still be here when I return, the brief respite is looking rather appealing. Mostly because I get to catch up with family and friends but also for the change in scenery. I’ll also get to visit a new countries in Greece and Holland so there’s that too. Only a couple more weeks and that’s not long at all.

Well That Was A Year


2017 has been an interesting year full of change not only in my life but in the world in general. Some of it hasn’t been great and some of it has been downright awful. Thankfully there’s also been rays of sunshine that’s brightened up even the most darkest of hours.

Next year promises to be another year and with Chloë about to start pre-school, another year of change. I’m going to try and be more positive, more active and more social than I’ve been of late. I’ve noticed that, over the past year, I started to act a bit like a hermit and I’ve missed catching up with people amongst other things. Whilst it’s too late to do much about this in 2017 I’ve got an entire year to change this ahead of me.

Anyway, happy New Year to one and all and hope that you enjoy in whatever you decide to welcome in 2018.

Time to Decide


Nobody would say, ‘I’m voting for this guy because he’s got the stronger chin,’ but that, in fact, is partly what happens. – Daniel Kahneman

Please, no matter who you decide to vote for, make sure that decision is based off fact checking, educating yourself and being critical of all parties. Just because the soundbites hit the mark and so forth make sure you know who and what you’re voting for. 

Hot Work!


I’m sure I’m not alone in starting the New Year and trying to be more active and get fit. I’ve been happily sculpting my Dad bod over the last year or so but feel it’s now time to move on, or at least I’ll try to. Plans are afoot but today’s lunchtime run was hot work as it’s currently 32°!

Into 2017


So I’m sitting here, on holiday, in the Blue Mountains. It’s been a pretty decent break albeit with the usual toddler tantrums and so on. Pretty sure both kids have enjoyed the natural freedom a location such as Wentworth Falls has offered but we’re all ready for home. 

My point still stands from my blog though. I look to 2017 with hope as isn’t that what all a rebellion needs?