Into 2017


So I’m sitting here, on holiday, in the Blue Mountains. It’s been a pretty decent break albeit with the usual toddler tantrums and so on. Pretty sure both kids have enjoyed the natural freedom a location such as Wentworth Falls has offered but we’re all ready for home. 

My point still stands from my blog though. I look to 2017 with hope as isn’t that what all a rebellion needs?

Blink & You Missed It


Like the time before when I moved my two domains on to the same hosting plan, it was about time I moved both my WordPress blogs in to a multi-site configuration. I should’ve done this when I launched this tumblelog as it would’ve made things a little easier. As it is I decided to change the url so as to make the process a little bit easier. Hopefully it won’t have any knock-on effects but if you spot something let me know otherwise it’s business as usual.

Well Deserved


Spent Saturday & Sunday at the SCG watching England get thoroughly outplayed by Australia in the cricket. From a lover of cricket’s point of view I loved watching Australia dismantle England’s bowlers and batsmen though from an England supporters point of view it was tough to watch. I intend to post a review of sorts on my blog at some point this week but for now… yeah, the urn resides in the right country.