I’m Not Locked In Here With You…


Whilst I’m really looking forward to travelling back to England tomorrow one thing that doesn’t escape me is the fact that it’s our first ever time on a plane with Chloë. Furthermore this isn’t a small trip we’re going on either and having flown a few times I know that the one thing that makes a flight tougher is a screaming/unsettled baby. My hope is, aside from takeoff & landing, Chloë takes to air travel well but this scene from Watchmen did pop in to my head when I thought about it last night.




Found sleeping difficult last night, not sure why either. Chloë was soundly asleep as was Cat but for whatever reason I woke up at least twice. I didn’t even go to bed late though perhaps later than I should have. I wonder whether I was thinking what lay ahead of me today and exactly how I was going to tackle it. I have an odd relationship with sleep and recently we’ve been on good terms; I hope we haven’t had another bust up.



So I’m writing this from the children’s ward (though we have our own little room) at Canberra Hospital. In all honesty I’ve visited this place far too often for my liking.

Anyway unfortunately Chloë started to get ill a couple days ago and it’s escalated a little. The staff here have been fantastic and think, with any luck, she’ll be coming home with us tomorrow. Even though she looks pretty healthy on the outside she’s really having to work hard to breath and that’s our worry.

Illness sucks, even more so when it’s your child and there’s little you can do but comfort them.