Man Utd have bored me – Van Gaal


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal admits some performances have left him “very bored or angry” this season.

Source: Man Utd have bored me – Van Gaal

I suppose I should be glad he’s recognised it but then, given how we’re still playing bland football is it bad that I’m not convinced things will improve. It took us 69 minutes to get a shot off against Sheff Utd in the FA Cup and whilst I mean no disrespect to them we should be creating more chances much sooner.

See where this rabbit hole goes but I hope we’ll start taking more chances rather than trying to walk the ball into the box.



I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions but I do actually have two for 2016.

Firstly I’m going to try and blog more often. Whilst I’ve never been prolific I’ve found writing helps me heaps when I’ve got a lot going on in my noggin. The other thing I’m going to try and do is run more. Sure I’ll have to wait till my broken toe is all sorted but then I’m going to really try and put some effort in and maybe improve some  PBs.  

Anyway, hope everyone had and enjoyable New Tears and hope the coming year is everything you want it to be!