Thrilled But Not Thrilled


So Apple have launched their redesigned MacBook Pro during their “Hello Again” event. Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of the Touch Bar and having Touch ID for unlocking etc. is great but there’s one thing missing – MagSafe. 

I know Apple are keen to push USB-C and that’s cool but MagSafe, for me, had been one of the best innovations Apple has ever brought to the table. To see it discarded is, for me, a backwards step. I’ve lost count the number of times this feature saved my MacBook from a hefty fall. Hopefully 3rd party vendors will fill the gap here but honestly Apple, why?

Man Utd have bored me – Van Gaal


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal admits some performances have left him “very bored or angry” this season.

Source: Man Utd have bored me – Van Gaal

I suppose I should be glad he’s recognised it but then, given how we’re still playing bland football is it bad that I’m not convinced things will improve. It took us 69 minutes to get a shot off against Sheff Utd in the FA Cup and whilst I mean no disrespect to them we should be creating more chances much sooner.

See where this rabbit hole goes but I hope we’ll start taking more chances rather than trying to walk the ball into the box.