Yet Another Apple Customer Service Story


If you search the Internet you’ll likely find plenty of stories of Apple and their customer service. Sure, there’s some negativity out there but, for the most part it’s pretty positive. Today I took my iPhone 6 in to the store here in Bristol as the bottom right of the screen clicked. I hadn’t dropped it and wasn’t too sure what was up. Whilst I had to wait a wee while for an appointment once there it was a pretty speedy session with one of the Geniuses who identified that the screen had become unseated. I was told that they’d replace the screen and that’d be that.

A couple of hours later I returned to be told that whilst they’d replaced the screen it was still clicking so instead they just gave me a new iPhone 6. Sure I’d have to restore my iPhone (though I’d been told there were software issues earlier and best to start fresh) but heck I wasn’t quite expecting that. I guess it’s just nice to get a quick resolution that only required me to be phone less for a couple of hours. Back before I went iPhone I’d have to send my phone off for a time, have a loaner which wasn’t anything like the one I head, and hope that it came back like it was before.

I know, from reading around the web over time, that other companies are finally recognising that going that extra mile for your customers is a great way to getting repeat custom. I had it years ago from Logitech and prize this sort of customer service and when you find it it’s hard to go to another vendor; you just don’t want to lose the safety of good customer service.

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