That Was Rather Warm!


Went for my first cycle ride for over 3 months, had no idea how far I was going so didn’t think to pack food or another bottle… bad idea! I ended up cycling 34 miles in 37° heat, oops! Still it was awesome to get back out on two wheels and for the sake of going for a ride rather than anything else. I deliberately stopped cycling in August because I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I used to and yesterday it just felt right and I’m glad I did even with the heat. It was also the first ride using Strava and I quite like it, I was urged to join by some people at work so figured I’d give it a go. Quite like that many parts of my ride are split in to segments with leaderboards etc, a good way of making you want to go back out to increase your ranking or at least it does in my case.

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